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About us

Welcome to Motor Yacht TV!

Operating since 2009, Motor Yacht TV is an online platform dedicated to providing our customers with up-to-date and ad-free content. Our aim is to facilitate the journey of maritime enthusiasts by offering the latest news and information in the boating world.

At Motor Yacht TV, we focus on a wide range of content. Through our news sections such as News, ForRent, ForSale, MotorYachts, SuperYachts, Gulet, Catamaran, Sailboat, World, and Trends, as well as spare parts and repair categories, we keep you informed about developments in the maritime sector. Additionally, we assist our customers in making informed choices by showcasing important products and services in the industry.

Motor Yacht TV is a subsidiary of Boats Group Turkey. This affiliation provides us with a strong network of collaboration with leading companies and resources in the maritime world. Through this collaboration, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of products and services.

Our mission is to equip maritime enthusiasts with the most current information, enabling them to navigate the boating world with confidence. Our core values prioritize reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction. The benefits we offer to our customers include current content, detailed product reviews, industry trend updates, and high-quality services.

Behind the success of Motor Yacht TV lies an experienced and passionate team. Our team takes pride in sharing their expertise and knowledge in the maritime sector with you.

We extend our gratitude to our supportive customers. Together, we will continue to grow and evolve in the maritime world as Motor Yacht TV.

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