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Highfield Ultralite 340

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09 Şubat 2024 - 17:20

Highfield Ultralite 340

Highfield Ultralite 340: The Perfect Match of Lightness and Power

It is vital to meet the expectations of sea enthusiasts and choose the right equipment for comfortable and safe sea journeys. In this context, Highfield Ultralite 340 is an option that stands out with its single-sole design, lightness and durability. This article will examine the features, benefits and connection to Monarch Marine of the Highfield Ultralite 340.

Lightness and Portability:
Highfield Ultralite 340 stands out with its lightweight design. It is an ideal option for users who prefer a fixed base instead of a flexible, soft base. This feature allows the boat to be launched into the water, towed and easily placed on the roof rack of your vehicle. This offers a practical and useful advantage for sea enthusiasts.

Durable Material and Finishing:
The bottom of the boat is made of powder-coated aluminum that is resistant to sea water. Additionally, its tubes are produced with 1100 Dtex fabric. The use of these materials ensures that the boat is long-lasting and resistant to harsh sea conditions. The perfect finishing of the boot, combined with its ergonomic details, offers users a visual and quality experience.

Technicial Specifications:

Total Length: 337 cm
Net Weight: 53 kg
Number of Tubes: 3
Max Person Capacity: 5+1
Max Weight Capacity: 663 kg
Max Engine Power: 20 Hp
Tube Diameter: 44 cm
Monarch Marine and Quality:
Monarch Marine has been providing professional service since 1997 to realize the dreams of sea enthusiasts. As Highfield’s distributor in Turkey, he emphasizes that the company is the preferred boot manufacturer worldwide. Monarch Marine offers a product range updated every season with its boats in different sizes and models.

As Monarch Marine, their mission is to offer customers high quality boats, provide professional and quality service and offer uninterrupted after-sales support. You can contact the company at its address in Mithatpaşa between 09.00 – 18.00 on weekdays and find solutions suitable for the needs of sea enthusiasts.

Highfield Ultralite 340 is an option that meets the expectations of sea enthusiasts with its lightness, durability and Monarch Marine’s professional approach. The use of quality materials, combined with its technical features and Monarch Marine’s expert team, offers users comfortable and safe sea adventures.

Monarch Marine 

Contact Information:

Address: Mithatpaşa, Selanik Blv. no:141/2, 34450 Eyüpsultan/Istanbul

Phone: (0212) 251 2050

Working Hours: Weekdays 09.00 – 18.00

If you would like to reach us via e-mail or other communication channels, you can access up-to-date contact information on the official website. The Monarch Marine team is here to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of marine enthusiasts.

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